The First Years Milk Storage Bags 5Oz 25Ct

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For more than 60 years, The First Years family has been applying that same creative thinking to everything we do.

This brand is from Aaland Islands

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Product Description

The First Years Milk Storage Bags 5Oz 25Ct


Breastmilk is important as gold, that is why it deserves to be stored safely. This Milk Storage Organizer has a spring loaded drawer that freezes milk flat and pushes it up front for easy access.

- Protects your precious milk against leaks
- Double layered for safe freezing
- Pre-sterilized
- Self Standing
- Easy Pour Handle
- BPA Free

- To avoid suffocation, keep bags away from babies and children.
- Do not heat bags in microwave oven.
- Do not boil or sterilize liquid in bag.
- Do not fill bag with boiling water.
- Do not place bag directly on a heat source.