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Abbott Similac Gain IQ Kid Growing Up Milk 4 (3years onwards) (Orange) (1.8kg X 1tin)

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Abbott - A Promise for Life

A Promise for Life

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Product Description

Abbott Similac Gain IQ Kid Growing Up Milk 4 (3years onwards) (Orange) (1.8kg X 1tin)

During the developmental years, it is crucial that preschoolers are provided with all the essential nutrients and energy to support growth and brain development, so they can learn and thrive. To absorb new learnings, your child needs more than just DHA∆ for brain and development.

Give your child Similac Gain IQ Kid with EyeQ Plus nutrition system. Now improvedwith Natural Vitamin E, Lutein and DHA. It is also palm oil-free, scientifically formulated for nutrient absorption.

Product Information

IQ Plus
- EyeQ Plus nutrition system is now improved with Natural Vitamin E, Lutein and DHA∆, in addition to AA, Omega 3 & 6, taurine, choline and iron.
- RRR-vitamin E is a natural form of vitamin E and is the most biologically active. Lutein is an integral part of the eyes retina and DHA∆ is a building block for brain and eye development.
- Omega 3 & 6 (α-linolenic acid and linoleic acid) are precursors of DHA & AA, which are building blocks for brain and eye development.
- Taurine helps support overall mental and physical development.
- Choline supports overall mental functioning.

Immunify Ingredients
- 3-way Shield System with Nucleotides, Prebiotics and Antioxidants
- Nucleotides are essential for normal cell replication and function to support overall growth and development.
- Prebiotics (Inulin & FOS) support the growth of good bacteria to maintain a healthy digestive system.
- Antioxidants include beta-carotene, selenium, zinc, vitamins A, C and E to help protect cells from free radicals.

ProCalci Formulation
- Unique, easily digested vegetable fat blend without palm oil.
- Calcium to support the development of strong bones and teeth
- Vitamin D to help support calcium absorption and improve bone strength

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