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Abbott Grow Preschool Growing Up Milk 3-6years (RED) (1.8kg X 1tin)

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Abbott - A Promise for Life

A Promise for Life

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Product Description

Abbott Grow Preschool Growing Up Milk 3-6years (RED) (1.8kg X 1tin)

More often than not, some parents think that playing is not a good use of their child’s time. However, as parents, we need to keep in mind that some of life’s best lessons happen through play. As your preschooler learns through play, it is essential to provide him with good nutrition to give him a head start in life.

Specially designed for school-going children in Singapore, GROW Preschool contains a combination of 26 vitamins and minerals, DHA, Choline, Taurine and Prebiotics. GROW Preschool is scientifically designed to support the nourishment of children in their formative years to get the most out of work and play.


Product Information

Immuni Grow
Highest in Calcium & Vitamin D
- Calcium helps build strong bones and teeth
- Vitamin D supports calcium absorption and improves bone strength

26 Vitamins & Minerals
- Support overall growth and development
- Iron & Zinc help support your child’s natural defenses
- Vitamins B1 and B2 help to release energy from proteins, fats and carbohydrates
- Antioxidants e.g. Selenium, Vitamin C and E help to protect cells from free radicals that may have escaped the natural processes of your child’s body defenses

Choline, Taurine & DHA
- Support mental and physical development

2 Prebiotics (Inulin & FOS)
- Promote the growth of good Bifidus bacteria to help maintain a healthy digestive system

- GROW is a Healthier Choice product which is 25% lower in sugar and 25% higher in calcium than regular growing-up milk.^Measured as Calcium mg/100ml for GROW Preschool and GROW School in the total Growing Up Milk segment as of February 2016. 

- For children up to 6 years of age
Nutritional Info




Getting Started


How does GROW Preschool Make a Difference?


- With 2 servings (400ml) daily, based on Singapore Recommended Dietary Allowance for children 4-6 years old as of Aug 2013. 
- Based on SG RDA for children aged 3-<5 years old. 
- Based on US DRI for children 4-8 years. 
- per 100ml serving vs regular fresh milk/ UHT milk. Limited to Vitamin A, C, & D, Iron, Calcium, Choline, and DHA.