Australia Bellamys Organic Toddler Formula Step 3 - 900g x 4 can

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Product Description

Australia Bellamys Organic Toddler Formula Step 3 - 900g x 4 can

Bellamys Organic Toddler Milk Drink is a nutritious supplement to the broadening diet of busy toddlers Made from certified organic cows milk it contains added iron and 16 other essential vitamins and minerals to support the rapid growth of your child Our Toddler Milk also contains inulin a natural prebiotic fibre which stimulates good bacteria for a healthy digestive systemOur Toddler Milk drink is a preferred alternative to pure cows milk when weaning toddlers from breast milk or infant formula Bellamys Organic Toddler milk is made to the very strict regulations of Australian and New Zealand Food Standards FSANZ Our formulas and milks are certified organic by the National Association of Agriculture Australia NASAA Certified Organic Australias leading national certifier Our Toddler Milk is also Halal certified by the Islamic Co ordinating Council of Victoria ICCVOur tin will provide you with the necessary measuring scoop and preparation instructions along with a feeding table to guide you on how much your toddler will need each day Bellamys Organic A pure start to life